Chesterfield lottery players hoping for the luck of the Irish

Online players in Chesterfield regularly play lotto games in countries like France and Germany
Online players in Chesterfield regularly play lotto games in countries like France and Germany

People in Chesterfield are looking abroad to make their fortune, trying their hand at eight lotteries across the world, a new survey has revealed.

And it's the Irish Lotto that's the most popular with Chesterfield players, according to the data from online lottery operator

Over half of all tickets purchased through the website (55%) by people in the town are for Ireland's national lottery, which has an average jackpot prize of £6.3 million up for grabs each Wednesday and Saturday. And the French and German lottos are also popular, according to the research based on ticket purchases across 17 different global lotteries that are available on the website.

The most popular among online players in Chesterfield are:

Irish Lotto (55%, average jackpot of £6.3m)

EuroMillions (44%, average jackpot of £44.4m)

US Powerball (6%, average jackpot of £325.7m)

US MegaMillions (5%, average jackpot of £97.4m)

UK Lotto (4%, average jackpot of £12.9m)

The Chesterfield figures are in contrast to the national average, where over six in ten users enter the EuroMillions (63%).

Despite the Irish Lotto being popular among the greatest number of Chesterfield residents, its following does not seem to be as loyal as those who enter the EuroMillions.

On average, a EuroMillions participant in Chesterfield purchases 3.3 tickets to bet on the pan-European lottery each week, whereas just 1.7 Irish Lotto tickets are purchased by each player over the same time-period. The French Lotto is in second place with two tickets per player.

In fact, compared to the rest of the UK, 4% of all French Lotto participants on are from Chesterfield – the highest proportion of any game for the town.

Yariv Ron, CEO of said, “We find that our users in Chesterfield are increasingly looking to play lotteries from across the globe to increase both their choice of game and their chances of winning big. This data proves people are willing to be more adventurous and break what might be a lifetime’s habit of just entering the UK Lotto.”