CHESTERFIELD LOGO REDESIGN: ‘My nine-year-old niece could have done a better job’

The new logo and, below, the old design.
The new logo and, below, the old design.

Chesterfield Borough Council has faced an angry backlash after unveiling its new logo.

The modern-day design featuring the town’s famous Crooked Spire will be used by the council from the end of January as part of a £13,600 rebrand project.

The council insists the new logo, which replaces a 40-year-old design, is more web-friendly and will help attract more people to use its money-making services.

But commenting on the DT’s Facebook page, Stu Middleton said: “Yet another waste of our hard-earned council tax money.”

David Griffiths said: “I find it impossible to believe that the council could not have found a better use for that amount of money.”

Lisa Hills said: “Why change something when it wasn’t broken to start with? It looks terrible.”

Maria Ann Moss said: “It doesn’t even resemble a modern spire – just three lines.”

Jo Umney said: “It looks like a circus big top – it’s not twisted.”

Jonathan Isaby, chief executive at campaign group the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “Every penny of council tax has to be put into frontline services and not frittered away on a new logo.

“Residents will decide for themselves whether it’s an improvement, but it doesn’t look like one to me.”

Mark Vivis, prospective Conservative MP for Chesterfield, said: “What a complete waste of money - there was nothing wrong with the old logo. Frankly my nine-year-old niece could have done a better job with a packet of crayons and saved us all nearly £14,000 in the process.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Howard Borrell said: “We didn’t see anything wrong with the existing design. Residents, visitors and people all over the world readily associate the town with the Crooked Spire. Why change a winning formula and run the risk of creating confusion?”

A council spokesman said: “The council’s branding was originally created 40 years ago and so was not designed with modern publishing needs in mind, particularly for websites or social media.

“The new visual identity, produced by Chesterfield-based company Crush Design, continues to feature the Crooked Spire and is designed to help attract more people to use services that generate income.”

The spokesman added: “The £13,600 cost is for the whole branding project and not just for producing a logo.

“The project has also involved producing templates which will save us money in the future by enabling us to advertise public events without the cost of having each one designed and running consultation events with the public, businesses and staff.

“The branding will be phased in so that items are only replaced when they reach the end of their working life to prevent additional cost. Many uses can be changed without any cost, such as social media.

“The changes only relate to council services. The branding introduced in recent years by Destination Chesterfield, which was used on the signs at the entrance to the town and in other areas, will not be duplicated or replaced by this project.”

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