CHESTERFIELD: Let them eat cake!

Chesterfield's first Clandestine Cake Club Fiona
Chesterfield's first Clandestine Cake Club Fiona

Cake-lovers can share their tasty creations at a new mysterious club launching in Chesterfield.

The town’s first meeting of a Clandestine Cake Club will be held at a secret venue next Monday March 18.

It has been launched by mum-of-three Fiona Critchlow, who often decorates cakes for friends and family.

She said: “Who doesn’t like cake, for a start? The club is about eating cake and having fun, that’s it really.

“I have decorated cakes for people who want me to, I don’t have a business but it is what I am well known for among friends and family.”

The clandestine part of the club - which has taken off across the country - is that venues are a secret until a few days before meetings.

Fiona is adding her own unique flavour to the Chesterfield branch by holding gatherings in local businesses.

A theme of ‘spring has sprung’ has also been given to bakers to work to and the meetings cost only the ingredients of the cake members bring.

Friends are welcome and nine people have already signed up for the first event.

Fiona, of Old Whittington, added: “I see it as an excellent way of sharing and networking whilst also hopefully bringing a positive effect to the venues who host us.

“The first venue is excited that the exposure our event will bring them will be positive and I hope that will encourage other local venues to host us in the future.

“I would really like to see our branch thrive and support businesses in the area.”

- To attend events register at Venues are confirmed shortly before meetings by email.