CHESTERFIELD: ‘It was the worst holiday ever’

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A family-of-four whose dream Egyptian holiday turned into a nightmare has been handed thousands of pounds in compensation.

Susan and Lee Fellows and their two children became severely ill while holidaying at the four-star Tropicana Grand Azure Hotel in Sharm El Sheik last May.

The family suffered painful stomach cramps, diarrhoea and sickness and complained that the restaurant was serving apparently undercooked food and had dirty cutlery, crockery and tablecloths.

A year on and Sheffield-based law firm Irwin Mitchell has secured the Chesterfield family a £15,500 settlement.

Mum Susan, 44, who fell ill on the second day of the holiday and then spent most of the next five days in bed suffering from salmonella, said: “We booked it thinking it would be a dream trip – but it quickly turned into a nightmare.

“We’d definitely not go back to the Tropicana Grand Azure Hotel ever again – it was the worst trip of our lives.

“In fact, I’m wary of going anywhere abroad again.”

The hotel has been the subject of repeated complaints about the lack of hygiene standards for the past three years.

On its website, the hotel claims to offer a “first-rate service” and a “memorable vacation”.