Chesterfield Hotel customers STILL waiting for hundreds of pounds of their money back

Chesterfield Hotel.
Chesterfield Hotel.

Scores of outraged customers are still waiting for hundreds of pounds of their money back from Chesterfield Hotel.

Members of the hotel’s leisure centre were promised a full refund after it closed in April – but eight months later, and with Christmas just weeks away, they remain considerably out of pocket.

Since revealing what disgruntled customers have branded a “disgusting” matter in September, the Derbyshire Times has been contacted by a number of customers who altogether are owed more than £1,000.

David Ritchie and his wife are desperate for their £600 back.

Mr Ritchie, of North Wingfield, said: “The situation is appalling and disgusting.

“I have not given up trying to get our money back and never will.”

Lynda Langley, of Chesterfield, who is owed £200, added: “It’s beyond a joke and completely unacceptable.

“I’m starting to wonder if it will ever be resolved.”

Both Mr Ritchie and Mrs Langley have contacted the hotel on numerous occasions in a bid to get their refund – but have been unsuccessful.

Three-star Chesterfield Hotel, on Malkin Street, opened in 1877 and has been a well-known name and employer in the town ever since.

It is the venue for many occasions, including weddings, business meetings and Christmas parties.

London-based company Accelerator Concepts Ltd, which owns the hotel, has again refused to comment on the refunds for its customers – despite constant questioning from the Derbyshire Times.

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins, who himself has attempted to get answers from the owners, voiced his concern about the situation.

He said: “It is deeply worrying that despite the enquiries the Derbyshire Times and I have made, there are still customers and staff who are getting a rough deal from Chesterfield Hotel.

“The lack of engagement in the issue by owners will only increase concerns about the way the hotel, which is a Chesterfield institution, is being run by people who have little knowledge of the history of our town or the huge legacy they have been entrusted with.”