CHESTERFIELD HOTEL: 15 months in the spotlight

Chesterfield Hotel.
Chesterfield Hotel.

This weekend marks a year since Chesterfield Hotel shut. We’ve been keeping a close eye on goings-on with the well-known town name over the last 15 months. This timeline looks at key developments we’ve brought you...

- September, 2014

Customers told of their fury after being left hundreds of pounds out of pocket following the closure of the hotel’s leisure centre the previous year.

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- January, 2015

The problems got worse. Staff told us they weren’t paid a month’s wages.

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- January, 2015

Then came the sad announcement about the hotel’s closure. It shut after being in business in the town for almost 140 years.

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- February, 2015

The empty hotel started to became a crime magnet pretty much immediately after it closed.

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- April, 2015

Then, an exciting development – it was announced a Spanish businessman became a director of the company which operated the hotel.

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- June, 2015

He had interesting plans for the future of the abandoned hotel...

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- August, 2015

The town’s MP wanted him to do one thing, though...

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- January, 2016

Now, a year after its closure, it’s emerged Chesterfield Hotel could become property of the Crown.

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