CHESTERFIELD: Hit-and-run leaves teen with horrific injuries

NDET 16-1-13 MC 7
NDET 16-1-13 MC 7

The family of a teenager who was left seriously injured after a hit-and-run have issued a desperate appeal to find the driver.

Steven Smith, 17, broke his back in three places, suffered a head injury and was left bleeding in the road after being knocked off his motorbike by a car.

The collision, at 8.35pm on January 6, on High Street, Old Whittington,saw Steven thrown from his Honda bike while the driver fled the scene.

Doctors are now hoping two of the breaks will mend but fear a third serious injury close to his spine may need surgery and could leave him suffering back pain for the rest of his life.

Dad Paul, 48, of Middlecroft in Staveley, said: “Accidents do happen but I would not have left a dog like this.

“To leave a lad in the road without calling for help is callous.

“We just hope this jogs someone’s memory and they come forward.”

The injury could also put an end to Steven’s course at Chesterfield College and dreams of becoming a bricklayer.

The former Springwell College student will be in Sheffield’s Northern General spinal unit for six weeks and is unable to stand or sit up.

Mum Celia, 47, said she got the phone call every parent dreads, adding: “I screamed and dropped the phone. My daughter picked it up and found out where he was.”

The family raced to the scene and found Steven covered in the blood and being treated by emergency services in the road.

Celia added: “We are all devastated and just want him home and whoever did this caught.”

Steven, who received the motorbike as a birthday present in November, said: “I’m in a lot of pain at the bottom of my back.

“All I remember is a black people carrier clipping the back of my bike and I went flying into the air.”

Steven said a man leapt from the vehicle and began shouting at him before driving off.

A passer-by found him in the road, put him in the recovery position and supported his head. He added: “If it hadn’t been for her I could be in a wheelchair.”

Witnesses should call police 101.