CHESTERFIELD: Help prevent flooding in your home

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NEWS: News.

A flood fair is to be held outside Chesterfield Town Hall to support residents in the town who face problems with flooding.

Chesterfield Borough Council has brought together the different agencies with responsibility for preventing flooding to respond to concerns from residents about the likelihood of a repeat of major incidents in areas like Hollis Lane, Spital Lane, Derby Road and Tapton Terrace in recent years.

On Monday 20 May, between 2pm and 6pm, the National Flood Forum will bring their flood information trailer to the loading bay at Rose Hill, outside Chesterfield Town Hall.

The non-profit making organisation will be able to offer free advice and support and will also have examples of property flood protection equipment, including flood gates and barriers.

Staff from the Environment Agency, who have responsibility for flooding issues, and Derbyshire County Council’s flood team will also be on hand at the event.

Residents in the Hollis Lane and Spital Lane area will be able to ask questions about flooding prevention equipment they will receive soon as part of flood prevention scheme organised as a result of the negotiations.

Councillor Sharon Blank, Chesterfield Borough Council’s executive member for customers and communities, said: “Although flooding is not a direct responsibility of Chesterfield Borough Council we are playing an active part in finding a solution to it because we recognise the heartbreak flooding incidents cause for our residents.

“We have recently set up meetings involving the agencies with responsibility for flooding to focus on working with them and local communities, particularly those in the Hollis Lane and Tapton Terrace areas, to find solutions to the issues they face.

“Considerable progress has been made on a flood prevention scheme for the Hollis Lane area and we are hopeful that a similar scheme can also be negotiated with the Environment Agency and Derbyshire County Council for the Tapton Terrace, Derby Road and Chatsworth Road areas.

“The flood fair is an opportunity for anyone in these, or other areas of the town, to come and find out more about the help available to try and prevent a repeat of the scenes we have witnessed in recent years due to flooding.”

Further information about flooding prevention can be seen on the National Flood Forum’s website at