Chesterfield gym owner crowned bodybuilding champ

Gym owner Adam Bingham - the new Mr England.
Gym owner Adam Bingham - the new Mr England.

A fitness fanatic from Chesterfield has won a prestigious bodybuilding competition at his first attempt.

Adam Bingham, from Holmewood, was crowned ‘Mr England’ at the NABBA championship in Birmingham – and will next month attempt to win Mr UK.

Adam Bingham with his Mr England trophy.

Adam Bingham with his Mr England trophy.

Adam has been training for 10 years but has only just begun to understand the level of dedication needed to succeed at the ‘misunderstood sport’.

He said: “I had to diet for the last show for about four months.

“The closer you get to the competition the harder it gets.

“You have got to have a strong mind.”

You have got to have a strong mind.

Adam Bingham

After cutting out ‘rubbish’ like chocolate and crisps, Adam’s diet consisted of small amounts of chicken, porridge oats, protein shakes and the odd tablespoon of peanut butter.

Then, just before the show, he had to put himself through gruelling ‘carb depletion’ and ‘carb loading’ phases to get himself into tip-top competition shape.

During his ‘carb depletion’ phase, Adam says he was down to just 70g of porridge oats a day, with his weight dropping from 16st 11lb to 14st 1lb.

After the competition, however, he put on three stones in just three days, two of which he has since lost.

Adam Bingham working out at the Chester Street Gym.

Adam Bingham working out at the Chester Street Gym.

As well as bodybuilding, Adam, who is 26-years-old and single - owns the Chester Street Gym in Brampton, has a vending machine business and a small property portfolio.

He said training to the level he has had to doesn’t leave time for much else and can make relationships difficult.

“When you’re dieting you can get mood swings and I couldn’t stand it if I had a girlfriend and she was eating pizza in front of me!”

Despite the intense levels of dedication Adam had to show, he admits to succumbing to temptation on occasion.

“I had a few roast potatoes and ended up putting on one and a half pounds.

“It is just unreal how it changes the whole way you think about food.

“My senses are crazy – last night I just smelled a curry and it was beautiful.”

After Mr UK takes place in November, however, Adam says he is looking forward to having an enjoyable Christmas.

“That will be when all the Christmas hampers start arriving in the shops so I am going to enjoy that,” he said.

Reflecting on his ‘great’ win, Adam added that he most wanted to pay tribute to his mum and all the staff and clients at his gym for the faith they had shown in him.