Chesterfield GP announces retirement after nearly 30 years of caring for generations

A Chesterfield GP is preparing to hang up her stethoscope after providing care for the community for nearly three decades.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 11:56 am
Updated Saturday, 30th June 2018, 1:13 am
Dr Nadine Kale.

Dr Nadine Kale, of Holywell Medical Group, has announced she will retire on September 1.

Dr Kale, 56, who has been a GP in Chesterfield for 28 years and undertook her training in Derbyshire before that, told the Derbyshire Times: "I have had wonderful career.

"There have been ups and downs but if you knew the journey beforehand you would never learn anything along the way, would you?

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"I am so grateful for all the wonderful support I have had from family, colleagues, and patients.

"I am looking forward to a new journey, a new direction, new challenges so some of you might see me around."

Dr Kale, of Darley Dale, outlined the positives and challenges of being a GP.

She said: "The best thing about being a GP is the privilege of talking to so many patients, supporting them - often through difficult times - and to be able to offer care to generations of their families.

"It is an honour to be so trusted.

"The most challenging thing about being a GP is the monumental efforts that go on behind the scenes, the organisation, the paperwork - all supported by a team of dedicated administrative workers.

"Currently the greatest challenge we face is having sufficient resources - both in terms of funds and personnel - to meet the health needs of our town."

What would Dr Kale's advice to future GPs be?

She said: "I now say to budding GPs that general practice is the most diverse, challenging and interesting career.

"It is the only medical field where you will get to see most of what you have learned - indeed you will never stop learning.

"I also say that they should think carefully about investing in surgery buildings.

"So much is changing so quickly that buildings often become unsuitable, no longer meeting their needs, and a building they may have invested in to support the GP NHS infrastructure may cease to be used in the long term."

She added: "Thank you to everyone for their love and support over the years."

Poem written by Dr Kale

Near 30 years I have lived and breathedIn Chesterfield, as your GP.A Holy Well of humble healersNow become a dying breed.

I've cared for you with all my heart,For general practice is an art,Offered my soul from the startAnd hope that I have done my part.

I have listened close to hearts and minds,Felt swellings, both of pain and pride,Looked at life and into ears,Deep into your tears and fears.

I have taken the hits from the powers that be,Taken the kicks from the CQC,Poked and prodded only you know where!Talked of things only GPs dare!

Supporting all, no matter how troubledSlaves of oblivion, pain or of struggleHappy or sad, in doom and in crying,Starting life’s path, or in death and in dying.

I have offered a smile, for laughter is healing.Ten minutes of care (or more if it's needed!)A mantra of hope, my name in its meaning,All shared with a dose of gentle teasing?

But it seems the Hunt had a view to a kill,And I am wounded deep beyond all wordsNo rescue here from the knights in red,More he drove deeper still the blade.

Now the NHS has come to be A straight jacket for those like me.I have tried to keep its sanity,Keeping it human, hopefully.

And here amidst a perfect storm,I face that battle every dawn.Tired of rowing 'gainst the flow,Perhaps now is the time to go.

For faith, unlike hope, can die.And when faith dies, so too its friends;Commitment to the cause shall end, And constancy will fade and bend.

But hope will always rise again,Though things can't always stay the same.A hospital for those in pain.New shelter for us from the rain.

So now I hand across the batonTo new bearers of this burden.I leave you in supporting arms Of those still riding out the storms.

And for my very last prescription;One for all; may I just say;Please be kind to one another,Love and care helps ALL in pain.