CHESTERFIELD: Fury over dumped cellos and violins

Kyla Canavan.
Kyla Canavan.

A woman said she was almost reduced to tears at seeing scores of “beautiful” instruments dumped ina skip.

Kyla Canavan said violins, cellos and drums were thrown out of the St Helena centre in Chesterfield by council workers.

Derbyshire County Council said it always tried to reuse musical equipment but in this case the instruments no longer worked.

However, 27-year-old Kyla – who salvaged five of the dumped instruments – claimed there was “nothing majorly wrong” with them.

Kyla, 27, of Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, said: “I was disgusted when I saw them in that skip – in fact, I was nearly in tears.

“There was nothing majorly wrong with these beautiful instruments – some just needed new strings.

“They shouldn’t have been thrown away like that – they could easily have been repaired and then given to schools,” added Kyla, a nursery worker and wildlife volunteer.

Shocked reader Jane Oldfield emailed the Derbyshire Times to say she saw someone smashing the instruments outside the Sheffield Road centre before chucking them into the skip last month.

“I found this totally outrageous,” she added.

A spokesman for the county council, which runs the adult education centre, said: “There were less than 20 instruments which no longer worked.

“Parts were stripped from them to be reused and the broken remnants were placed in a skip.”

The spokesman added: “We always try to reuse musical equipment where possible.

“When we overhauled equipment recently we donated 90 instruments to charity so that they could continue to be used.”