CHESTERFIELD: Friendship meeting for Inner Wheel members

Member of the Inner Wheel Club of Chesterfield met at The Olde House on Friday, August 2, for a friendship meeting.

President Ann welcomed guest Marjorie Varley, Tracey Varley, Celia Kelly, Liz Pratap, Joan Whitby, Pat Miles, Margaret Haggarty, Heather Fox and Melissa Doody together with the president of Chesterfield Scarsdale Club, Christine Heathcote, and 13 of her club members. All were offered a warm welcome by president Ann on behalf of Chesterfield club members who expressed her delight at everyone being able to share friendship and fellowship, enjoy a meal together with lots of chatter, fun and laughter in the spirit of Inner Wheel.

President Christine gave a vote of thanks on behalf of her club for the kind invitation and warm welcome to a most enjoyable occasion.