Chesterfield firm launches new online gambling club - but there's a twist

A Chesterfield business has launched a new online gambling club where members can choose to donate some of their winnings to good causes.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 11:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 12:48 pm
Co-founder, Nick Aldrich.

Pixel BBQ Limited, based at Dunston Innovation Centre, Dunston Rd, has set up the BetSavvy Club, which is free to join.

Co-founder, Nick Aldrich, said: “The idea behind the BetSavvy Club is that the we take the money that is given to us by the gambling companies and we then share it amongst the members every month, after deducting the cost of running the club.

“Members can choose to keep all of their money, or donate all or a percentage to charity. That way, it’s a bit like the lottery, you can a enjoy a bet but you can also benefit good causes at the same time, or simply keep the cash for yourself, the choice is yours.”

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On the growing risk of gambling addiction, Nick said the industry has recently ‘come under pressure’ relating to TV advertising and in particular during the World Cup when a good percentage of those viewers would have been children.

“We feel the concept of the BetSavvy Club allows the gambling companies to benefit from a method of driving new members to their sites without the need to advertise within mediums that expose themselves to children,” Nick said.

“Thankfully the majority of people just enjoy the odd flutter and don’t bet beyond their means, however, a small percentage do become addicted and we take this very seriously indeed.

"The club is fully compliant with current legislation to promote and minimise this happening and on top of this is one of the genres where people can choose to donate their share in the monthly cash pot is ‘addiction and dependency’. That way we hope that some of the money in the industry is finding its way back to those who are vulnerable, have issues and need help.”