CHESTERFIELD: Fine night for Philatelic Society members



It was members night last week at the Bonsall Court common room, Newbold, when Chesterfield Philatelic Club president, Ken Clarke, invited members to display any item they wished or pay a fine of 50p.

To avoid this at all costs, all members had brought along a short display commencing with vice-president Mike Inger, who had “Europa Stamps” from various countries issued in 2000. John Barwick - Aerogramme, Edward Dytkiewicz - Stamps of Rumania, Derrick Wayne - Early Funeral Cards, some decorated with the usual black borders, which were also very decorative, and Janice Hewitt - G.B. post cards, depicting local fauna. And to complete the first round, Bert Orwin - Soldiers of Great Britain and the Empire, and Derek Oldale - Under the Sea, a colourful display of sea creatures and plant life told on stamps.

After refreshments, Mike Moore - German Weimar Republic, stamps from 1918 to 1933, Wally Tagg - Ross Dependencies, Barbara Inger - Crete, stamps and post cards, Bill Towle - Railway Covers and to complete the night, Ken Clarke - A journey into Space”, the story of space flight told on stamps. The vote of thanks was given by Bert Orwin.