Chesterfield family's 'nightmare' before dream holiday to Gran Canaria

The missing pink suitcase.
The missing pink suitcase.

A family has endured a 'nightmare' before their dream holiday - after a suitcase fell out of the back of their car.

Sammi Hancox said the pink case - which contained her mum Maria's clothes and important medication - dropped out of their Nissan Navara as they travelled from Wadshelf to Birmingham Airport yesterday morning.

When the family arrived at Little Eaton roundabout, they were alerted by a lorry driver that the back of their car was open which is when they realised they had lost the suitcase.

They travelled their whole route again but were unable to find the case.

The family ended up missing their flight to Gran Canaria and had to pay £100 for a hotel last night and £300 for new flights this morning.

Maria also had to buy new items and stock up on medication from a pharmacist after consulting her doctor.

Sammi, who said she contacted the police about the suitcase as it could have been stolen, said: "It's all been an absolute nightmare.

"It's been a very stressful and expensive time before what should be a wonderful holiday.

"We'd still like the suitcase back.

"If anyone has found it, please call me on 07538416806."