Chesterfield: Dog savaged by crazed canine

A small dog has undergone two lots of surgery after being nearly ripped apart by a crazed canine in an attack.

Tuesday, 17th March 2015, 3:45 pm

Owner Carole Soanes contacted the Derbyshire Times in frustration after the owner of the other dog, which looked like a young Rottweiler, commented that her dog ‘didn’t look too bad’ following the incident on the morning of March 4.

Daizee, a German Spitz Klein, was being walked in fields near Hady Primary School, Chesterfeild, when the attack occurred.

Carole, who lives in Spital, said: “I was bending down to put her lead on when this dog just appeared out of nowhere and got hold of her.”

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She said the Rottweiler’s owner had two other dogs with him that were on leads, but this one was not. Both people ended up being knocked over as they attempted to separate the dogs.

“He looked at her and said ‘she doesn’t look too bad’ - she was covered from head to toe in blood,” Carole continued.

“I said ‘you’re dog should be on a lead’ and he said ‘you’re dog should be on a lead’.”

Afraid of a repeat attack, she left the field and went straight to the vet.

Daizee underwent surgery twice - one of the times lasted five hours - and has to have her wounds dressed daily, which is distressing for her.

Carole said she wanted the owner of the other dog to see the picture of Daizee now so that he knew the extent of her injuries.

“Daizee is very gentle and she wouldn’t hurt a fly,” she said.

Carole added that her other dog was attacked by an Akita last year and it took two months for him to get better.

She said this time around she is likely to have to dip into her savings for her 14-year-old daughter in order to meet the mounting costs of the dog’s treatment.

“Nobody seems to keep their dogs from doing these things,” Carole said.

She raised concerns that the field in which the incident happened is close to a primary school and said the attack could have happened to a child.