Chesterfield council unveils new £13k logo – WHAT DO YOU THINK?

The new logo and, below, the old design.
The new logo and, below, the old design.

Chesterfield Borough Council is changing its logo in a £13,600 revamp.

The new branding – which features a modern-day design of the town’s famous Crooked Spire – will be introduced at the end of January.

A council spokesman said: “The council’s branding was originally created 40 years ago and so was not designed with modern publishing needs in mind, particularly for websites or social media.

“The new visual identity, produced by Chesterfield-based company Crush Design, continues to feature the Crooked Spire and is designed to help attract more people to use services that generate income.”

National newspaper the Daily Express branded the “abstract” logo a “major branding flop” in a story which quoted Spireites fan John Smith as saying: “It’s no wonder the Government is withdrawing cash from local councils if they waste £13,000 on three straight lines on a piece of paper.

“They mean nothing, certainly not an iconic spire.”

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