CHESTERFIELD: Council tax set to rise

Chesterfield Borough Council
Chesterfield Borough Council

Chesterfield Borough Council has voted to increase council tax by 3.6 per cent.

The controversial move will see the the average household pay 6p a week or £3.33 a year more.

Council leader John Burrows said the move was necessary to reduce the level of cuts to vital services.

But opposition councillors slammed the increase saying “any increase was too much.”

The Government has given 51 local authorities with the lowest council tax rates in the country - including Chesterfield Borough - the one-off chance to put bills up by 3.6 per cent.

Councillors debated options including freezing council tax or increasing it by 2 per cent but decided both alternative options would create a bigger budget deficit and would mean a higher level of cuts to services.

Chesterfield Borough Council is dealing with a 38 per cent reduction in its Government grant – which equates to £3.3 million – over a four year period.

What do you think of the rise? What impact will it have on you?