Chesterfield council considers installing barriers at Queen's Park amid concerns over Travellers

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Keep checking our website for the latest news.

Council chiefs are considering installing barriers at Queen's Park in Chesterfield - amid concerns about Travellers.

On Tuesday, Chesterfield Borough Council was granted a court order authorising the removal of Travellers who were illegally camped in a car park at the site. They have now gone.

The group - which was in the town for almost a week - arrived less than 24 hours after a separate group of Travellers left the same site following a two-day stay.

A council spokesperson said: "We are already looking at options to see whether it is feasible to put height restriction barriers on these car parks to prevent illegal caravans from coming in.

"When considering this we have to remember that, by their nature, these are sites open to the public, so there is always a balance to be had in terms of preventing illegal use while not preventing legitimate use by residents who have vans or other high sided vehicles."

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