Chesterfield characters star in new health video

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WELL-KNOWN characters from Chesterfield are making a starring role in an NHS Derbyshire County video bringing to life key tips on keeping warm and well this winter.

The video has been released to coincide with the launch of the primary care trust’s own Top Ten Tips for Winter Guide.

Now available on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites, the two-minute video gives a personal insight into healthy living secrets that local people from all walks of life, including Spireites’ community director John Croot, market traders and business owners, have used to stay well during cold winters.

Cold weather tips and winter remedies offered by generations of young, old and larger-than-life figures range from having the flu jab, eating porridge and cider vinegar and honey, to joining a five-a-side football team, keeping feet warm and wearing thermal undies.

A podcast of the video, which is partly filmed in and around Chesterfield Market, will also be available so that people can download and listen to the tips on their iPods.

The special ‘Top Ten Tips for Winter’ guide, detailing who to contact when your doctor’s surgery is shut, and the best central heating temperatures to use at home during winter is also available from

To access the video on YouTube type ‘Derbyshire tips for staying well over winter’.