CHESTERFIELD CHAMPION: ‘The town is very friendly and hospitable’

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I am Gian Bohan, I’m 50 years old and am the owner of Nonnas Chesterfield.

Nonnas Chesterfield was founded in 2009 when the 131 Chatsworth Road Development was built on Chatsworth Road.

After almost 20 years in Sheffield I saw this as the perfect opportunity to develop the brand further with the creation of a second Nonnas, with bigger premises, a longer licence and so much potential for taking the brand and the Nonnas ethos further.

Nonnas Chesterfield was born out of the desire to combine our great passion for Italian food and lifestyle but bring it into modernity and keep moving and developing with the times.

Chatsworth Road was simply the perfect location to bring the project to life, with its enviable access to both town centre facilities and the stunning Peak District.

Now we employ more than 20 people from Chesterfield, Italy and Derbyshire at the restaurant and we are proud to bring a touch of Italian authenticity whilst keeping a strong bond with the community.

1. What do you like best about living in Chesterfield and why?

I don’t actually live in Chesterfield but just over the border in Sheffield however, I have been enjoying commuting to Chesterfield for the past six years. I visit the town centre regularly and have enjoyed seeing it blossom, and evolve each year into a thriving and diverse dining community.

2. What are your favourite ways to spend your free time in Derbyshire?

Being a stone’s throw away from the most beautiful natural parks in the Derbyshire Peaks and enjoying sports, I love to take long bike rides all over the Peaks with a favourite being the Monsal Trail just north of Bakewell.

The beautiful natural setting is simply ideal for long hikes immersed in stunning scenery.

3. Where is your favourite place to shop locally and why?

I mostly enjoy to shop at the town centre market – a wonderful historic asset to the town, with delicious fresh produce which keeps me and my business inspired.

4. What are the positives about running a business here?

The town is in constant development and has over the years welcomed a flourishing dining scene which is positive for the overall desirability of the town to visitors.

Chesterfield so much to offer. It’s a friendly and hospitable town which takes so much pride in its heritage and historic assets. It’s focused on community development and promotion of all diverse industries.

5. What new development excites you most?

The Birchall Properties Development, Peak Resort at Unstone. It will bring a world class facility to the area and a wealth of job opportunities.

6. What do you believe Chesterfield needs but doesn’t yet have?

It needs more independent national class dining outlets to put Chesterfield and surrounding areas on the map.