Chesterfield celebrates its success


OVER 130 business leaders met in Chesterfield this week to hear about the latest plans for the town’s future growth and development.

The ‘Celebrate Chesterfield’ event, run by Destination Chesterfield, gave delegates an overview of the project’s success over the past 12 months to raise the town’s profile as a modern contemporary destination.

Peter Swallow, Chair of Destination Chesterfield said: “Since we launched Destination Chesterfield last year there has been a lot of activity to increase awareness of the project, grow support from local businesses and start to make an impact regionally and nationally about what Chesterfield has to offer.

“We’ve achieved a great deal over the past 12 months and phase two of the project will now concentrate on the investment opportunities available with the ultimate aim of attracting new businesses, jobs and growth for the borough.

“We will also introduce an Ambassadors scheme for people who have first-hand contact with visitors to Chesterfield so they are informed and kept up-to- date on what’s happening in the town.

“The fact that over 130 people attended the event today is testament to the interest out there within the business community to see Chesterfield succeed.

“Despite the harsh economic times we are more than keeping our heads above water and are extremely positive about the borough’s future.”

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