CHESTERFIELD: Car-parking confusion leads to fines

NDET 13-5-13 RKH 12 Chesterfield car parking fine  Patricia Ripley.
NDET 13-5-13 RKH 12 Chesterfield car parking fine Patricia Ripley.

Car-parking confusion has been causing chaos for Chesterfield drivers - after fines were slapped on cars parked in council-run bays.

The borough council has issued a warning after around 20 motorists mistakenly used their free borough council parking passes in county council-run car parks.

Patricia Ripley, of Kingsclere Walk, Grangewood, received a £25 fine after parking on Rose Hill.

Mrs Ripley, 62, had only just received her residents’ parking badge with her council tax bill and had put it in the window of her car while parking in bays opposite Chesterfield Town Hall.

But on returning to her car was shocked to see a fine on her window.

She added: “I think it’s very misleading.

“We were not trying to pull a fast one or con anyone for the sake of a 50p ticket.”

Mrs Ripley said she thought as it was a council-run car park she was covered - but the pass only applies to borough run parking spaces.

She added: “I don’t think it’s just us being stupid as I’ve noticed lots of other cars parking with the disc in the window and many with fines.”

Mrs Ripley appealed her fine but it was rejected. She is now appealing it again.

This week the borough council has warned other drivers to be careful where they park for free after a flood of complaints from people who have mistakenly parked in on-street parking bays, such as those outside the town hall, believing they are part of the free scheme.

Cllr Chris Ludlow, Chesterfield Borough Council’s executive member for environment, said: “Although the terms and conditions state that the parking offer excludes on-street parking some members of the public have not understood this and so parked in on-street parking bays believing they were complying with the rules.

“The scheme has proved really popular with residents so we feel it important to remind everyone about where the permit is valid.”

The council is urging drivers who mistakenly used their disc in county run car parks to appeal the fine.

The permit lets residents who pay their council tax to Chesterfield Borough Council, park for free.