CHESTERFIELD: Brockwell Junior School pupils shine at public speaking



The Brockwell Junior School public speaking competition is internal to Brockwell School and was introduced by the head teacher, Catherine Holmes, four years ago. Each year the head teacher invites Rotarians from the Chesterfield Rotary Club to act as judges in the competition. For the past two years it has been the custom for the Club president, the senior vice-president (if available) and a member of the Vocational Group to attend. This year the judges were; president Jim Haggarty, Adrienne Handley (President Inner Wheel) and Ian Gordon representing the Club’s Vocational Group.

Two groups of pupils participate in the competition – those in the Lower School aged 7 to 9 years and those in the Upper School aged 9 to11 years. This year 12 pupils took part in the competition, six from the Lower School and six from the Upper School. Some of topics chosen by the speakers included Creepy Crawlies, Dog Training (using a dog as a visual aid), Animation, Jujitsu, Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Egyptians, Mars, and Disability.

All the participants presented their chosen subject using Powerpoint in support. Judges were set a very demanding task to identify a winner and runner up in each of the two groups. he judges could not reach a clear decision on the winner from the Lower School and the head teacher agreed that two pupils, Jacob Wilson whose topic was Egyptians and Addison Neale who spoke on Disability, could be joint winners. (A second winner’s cup would be purchased). Leah Came, who was the runner-up in this group, gave a presentation on the author, Jacqueline Wilson.

The winner from the Upper School was Madeline Scott, who spoke on the planet Mars and the runner-up was Naomi Brown who gave an insight to Red Eyed Tree Frogs.

Each of the twelve participants received a certificate.