Chesterfield bridge 'jumper' in stable condition


A man is in hospital after falling from a bridge over the A61 bypass through Chesterfield, suffering serious injuries.

Police said the man, aged, 21, was taken to Northern General Hospital in Sheffield after falling from the bridge onto the bypass, causing traffic to back up and emergency services filled the scene just before midnight on Monday, November 16.

A spokesperson said: "We were called to reports of a man standing on the wrong side of the footbridge who then fell into the carriageway and suffered some serious injuries.

"He is still in a serious but stable condition, not life threatening."

The scene caused concern for drivers as the bypass was shut for around an hour after a man had jumped into the bypass, said a reader.

Amanda Turner told us: "We went to the bridge near college and people were stood there and said someone jumped.

"About half an hour later we saw the ambulance with the sirens on heading towards Sheffield."