CHESTERFIELD: Bedroom tax protesters set up camp

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Protesters have set up camp in Chesterfield to call on the government to reconsider the controversial bedroom tax.

The demonstration, organised by Chesterfield UNITE Community, has seen a group pitch tents in front of the old magistrates court on West Bars today (Friday, July 26).

Colin Hampton, of the group said: “If the government continues with this relentless attack on people with low incomes we will have many people forced in to homelessness and ‘tent town’ will become a reality.”

Resident Teresa Jones, who has told she will have to pay bedroom tax while her son serves in Afghanistan, joined the campaigners.

She is incensed that David Cameron made a commitment in Parliament that serving personnel would be exempt from the tax.

Teresa, 45, who was made redundant at the end of April, said: “I would say Mr Cameron is a liar.

“I’ve got a son in a war zone who could get injured tomorrow which makes me terrified, on top of that I’ve been made redundant which flawed me and makes me worry about how I’m going to manage and now I’ve got to pay bedroom tax which I’m absolutely devastated by.”