CHESTERFIELD: Ash fallout warning after huge blaze

Large paper fire on Goyteside road in Chesterfield.
Large paper fire on Goyteside road in Chesterfield.

DERBYSHIRE fire service and council bosses have warned Chesterfield residents not to fear falling ash as emergency services have been damping down the end of a huge factory blaze.

Eight hundred tonnes of waste paper went up in flames at SCA Hygiene, on Goyt Side Road, about 12.40pm, on Tuesday, but firefighters were still damping down down at 3pm, yesterday, Wednesday, June 5, to make sure the site was safe.

However, Derbyshire fire service warned that it has been necessary to remove waste paper from the site and this has resulted in some residents experiencing high levels of falling ash.

A Derbyshire fire service spokesman said: “To ensure the fire is extinguished as efficiently and safely as possible and to expediate the end of the incident it’s been necessary to remove the waste paper from the site and unfortunately this may have resulted in residents experiencing falling ash.”

The fire began after a fork lift truck had caught fire and the flames spread to the compacted paper as well to nearby properties at the rear of the recycling plant on Walgrove Road.

Chesterfield Borough Council environmental chief Darren West said: “Residents living near the site of the fire should not have concerns about health or pollution problems because it is only ash that has been falling from burning paper.”

However, the emergency services were still warning people yesterday to keep their doors and windows closed and to see their GPs if they became poorly.

The council was planning to use road sweepers yesterday to remove any ash and to return the area to normal as soon as possible.