'˜Chesterfield is an amazing town - young and vibrant with an innate sense of history'

My name is Liz Eate. I am 41 years old and I have lived and worked in Chesterfield all of my life.

Saturday, 21st July 2018, 7:00 am
Liz Eate.
Liz Eate.

I am a registered general nurse, health visitor and now program lead and lecturer for the BSc (Hons) Child and Family Health and Wellbeing degree at the University of Derby, which runs at both the Chesterfield and Derby campuses.

The University of Derby has had a school of nursing in the area for many years, however, the new Chesterfield campus was opened at the St Helena building in September 2016 and now houses a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across the field of health and social care. There are also incubation units where small businesses from the area can start out and develop.

1. What has been the highlight for your organisation over the past year?

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We are now in the Guardian’s top 30 universities in the UK and we have achieved TEF gold, which shows teaching excellence across the university. Very few institutions have received this.

2. What are your future plans? (new products/services, growth, taking on apprentices, news etc.)

For my program, we are beginning our second cohort in September at the Chesterfield campus. As a university, we are always striving to improve our students’ experience and be the best we can be.

3. Which local business would you recommend and why?

I love Qoozies! They do an excellent range of food and some really lovely drinks.

4. How would you describe Chesterfield to a potential investor? (What sets us apart from other towns?)

Chesterfield is an amazing town. We are young and vibrant, with new developments happening all the time in order to improve the lives of residents and tourists, However, we have never lost the innate sense of history which is embedded in the town from the cobblestones in the market to the Crooked Spire Church. Also, I think the people are amazing, friendly and personable. There’s no place I would rather live.

5. Which development do you think will most benefit the town?

I think the university is of great benefit to the town. As a town built on mining and factory work, the closure of these industries in the 90’s had a massive effect. However, the university has opened opportunities for all of the residents to gain more skills and expand their employment options. Also, with Northern Gateway, Chesterfield Waterside and the regeneration of the old fire station site all in the works, the future for Chesterfield is looking bright and exciting.

6. Which national shops and restaurants would you like to see investing here?

I would love to see any businesses investing in Chesterfield who are committed to building a sense of community and engaging local people in local causes.

7. Which high profile events are working well in Chesterfield and what kinds of events would you like to see in the future?

I love the annual Medieval Market – it brings together people of all ages and backgrounds and builds a real sense of community. And, our Open Days of course!

8. Where in the town do you spend your leisure time?

I go to the new gym Xercise4Less and I also like to go and sit outside of Qoozies and have a strawberry and Nutella pancake. I have also recently been to the Hunloke Arms since it has reopened and I will definitely be headed back there!