Cheeky! Naked cyclist rides through Chatsworth at crack of dawn

Picture by Villager Jim. Visit his website at
Picture by Villager Jim. Visit his website at

A cyclist got up at the crack of dawn and rode naked through Chatsworth.

Villager Jim - one of Derbyshire's most popular photographers - was out with his camera at 6am yesterday when he snapped this cheeky shot.

Despite making enquiries, we couldn't get to the bottom of who the rider was.

Jim, of Foolow, said: "What I so love about this picture is that we know absolutely nothing about this chap.

"I came around a corner and bam, there he was.

"I love that it just screams to me 'why?!' And I love the fact I don't know.

"He made my day and made me proud to be British. I laughed all the way home."

The cyclist wasn't completely naked, though - he had a helmet on his head.