Charity helps to fund trike for George, 5

A five-year-old boy with a rare illness has received £1,000 from a charity to buy a trike which will help him have a more normal childhood.

George Holmes, from Brampton, has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), a degenerative condition which affects the nervous system and can eventually make even everyday tasks difficult.

The trike, paid for in part by the Boparan Charitable Trust, will enable George to take part in more family activities, such as bike rides with his twin brother Callum.

George’s mum, Jenni, 42, said: “George’s physiotherapist arranged for a trike assessment and as soon as he got on to it he could cycle immediately.”

“The trike will mean he will be able to join in with his friends more and we can go out on family bike rides together.”

“It will also help keep his muscles strong as he gets older and will help him avoid the tumbles and falls which can be a feature of the condition.”

As he got older George’s mobility problems became more noticeable and he was eventually diagnosed with the disease between Christmas and new year 2014.

The disease affects 25,000 people in the UK but normally becomes apparent later in life than in George’s case.

His family now wants to help raise awareness of the condition as well as looking forward to George enjoying his new wheels with Callum, who also has a new bike.

The trike George needed was priced at £1,280 from supplier Theraplay but, after Jenni got in touch with it, the Boparan Charitable Trust stepped in to cover the majority of the costs.

The trust helps children and young people who are disadvantaged either through poverty, disability or life-limiting conditions. George was presented with his trike by Baljinder Boparan from the trust at the family home on Mayfield Road on Monday.