Chance to shine in theatre contest

Pomegranate Theatre
Pomegranate Theatre

BUDDING artists have a rare chance to design theatrical posters that will showcase their work to thousands.

The winning creations, themed around six shows to be staged at Chesterfield’s Pomegranate Theatre next spring, are to be included in an exhibition during the bustling Christmas season.

From classics like Cider with Rosie, to Ben Elton comedy Silly Cow, the artists are encouraged to come up with weird and wonderful alternative posters.

“We just want people to let their imaginations run wild - it’s up to how the productions move them”, said Liz Woodall, theatre manager.

“Some are fairly obvious titles, like Murdered to Death, but Silly Cow is quite an interesting one.”

The shows that the competition posters are to designed to are: Murdered to Death, Waiting for Godot, Cider with Rosie, Haunting Julia, Silly Cow and Funny Money.

Around 20,000 people will see the top creations in the theatre bar over the festive season. The posters will not be used for official publicity but tickets to each show are also prizes.

Liz added: “It’s a rare opportunity for people to get their work showcased – it’s highlighting the Pomegranate and theatrical poster design is something people wouldn’t normally get the chance to do.”

The competition, organised by Shane Ayres, runs until November 30 and the posters will be on show on December 5.

To enter, or for more details, visit