Catering industry needs to offer more gluten free meals

Caroline Quentin, patron of Coeliac UK. Photo by Matt Austin.
Caroline Quentin, patron of Coeliac UK. Photo by Matt Austin.

The catering industry is missing out on an estimated £100 million a year by not catering for people with coeliac disease and their friends and family.

National charity Coeliac UK carried out a survey among its membership and found that 80 percent said that their need for safe gluten-free options determines where they eat out with other people.

Its patron Caroline Quentin has helped to launch the charity’s Gluten Freevolution to further grow the range of options of safe gluten free food when eating outside of the home for the 1.3 million Britons on a gluten free diet.

Caroline said: “I was diagnosed with coeliac disease two years ago and, like everyone else with the condition, when I grab a bite for lunch or go out for a meal with my family, I am putting my health in the hands of those preparing and serving the food each and every time I eat out.”

The Gluten Freevolution campaign aims to highlight the growing demand for improved safety, choice and availability when eating out gluten free on the move and to encourage both private and public sector caterers to provide great gluten free food that is safe from cross contamination.

Its launch coincides with Coeliac UK’s Awareness Week which runs until Saturday, May 14.