Cash-woe client broke door

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AN ANGRY customer kicked and broke a sliding door after being denied cash at a bank, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

Fernando Rodrigues, prosecuting, said Michael Betton left after queueing at a Santander Bank customer service desk for five minutes.

“There was a loud noise as a window had been smashed and he was seen regaining his balance and calming down.

“A female indicated that he was responsible. He said he had kicked the window in temper,” said Mr Rodrigues.

Betton, 46, of Clarence Road, Chesterfield, admitted damaging property in Central Pavement on February 16.

He had previous convictions for two similar offences, one involving damage to a car following a dispute over a parking space.

The justices fined him £165 and ordered him to pay £300 compensation, with £85 costs.

“He had been waiting a long time for a pin number that had not arrived so he had to use a counter service, but they would not give him any money.

“The manager then said he could have £10. You can imagine how far £10 goes and, on leaving, he damaged the glass in temper,” said Jon Barber, for Betton.

The court heard that Betton suffered post-traumatic stress disorder in the forces and was diagnosed with bipolar depression.