Cash for schools

A £19.9m package of measures to improve the quality of Derbyshire schools has been approved by the county council.

The programme for 2011/2012 aims to modernise and improve the condition of school buildings across the county and includes £8.3m for priority condition-related issues such as re-wiring, re-roofing or heating, just over £2m to replace buildings which have come to the end of their use and £350,000 to extend the Key Stage 2 building at Darley Dale Primary School.

Bruce Buckley, Derbyshire County Council’s strategic director for children and younger adults, said: “This funding is a real shot in the arm for schools all over Derbyshire.

“While the funding we have doesn’t allow us to carry out all the schemes we would like it will still enable us to make a massive difference to the learning environment for thousands of pupils.”

Condition-related priorities for 2011/12

* Aldercar Community Language College, Langley Mill - £550,000 to fund repairs and £275,000 for heating improvements

* Alfreton Grange Arts College - £165,000 invested in external windows and cladding and £220,000 for rewiring of the fire alarm

* Anthony Bek Community Primary School, Pleasley - £165,000 for heating improvements

* Belper School and Sixth Form - £132,000 to replace a boiler and £110,000 for window and door replacement

* Blackwell Primary School - £220,000 for re-roofing and wall stabilisation

* Buxton Community School - £302,500 to renew the boilers

* Chapel-en-le-Frith CE Primary School - £308,000 to re-cover the flat roof

* Chaucer Infant and Nursery School, Ilkeston - £121,000 to carry out rewiring and install new lighting

* Codnor CE Primary School - £121,000 to replace windows and doors

* Cotmanhay Infant School - £330,000 for structural repairs and £121,000 to re-cover the flat roof

* Cotmanhay Junior School - £330,000 for re-roofing

* Creswell Junior School - £121,000 for re-roofing

* Crich Junior School - £110,000 for re-roofing

* Glebe Junior School, South Normanton - £275,000 for rewiring and heating improvements

* Glossopdale Community College - £220,000 for heating improvements at the Talbot House site and £220,000 for rewiring at the Hadfield site

* Granville Community School - £363,000 for a wall replacement

* Hasland Hall Community School - £110,000 for roofing, structural repairs, and windows

* Heath Fields Primary School - £110,000 for rewiring

* Howitt Primary Community School, Heanor - £132,000 for window and door replacement

* New Mills School - £165,000 to re-cover the flat roof

* New Whittington Primary School - £220,000 for rewiring

* Newhall Community Junior School - £110,000 to replace cladding

* Newtown Primary School, New Mills - £220,000 to re-cover a pitched roof

* North Wingfield Primary School - £165,000 for heating improvements

* Park House Primary School, Lower Pilsley, Chesterfield – £121,000 for heating improvements

* Parkside Community School, Chesterfield - £110,000 for window replacement

* Renishaw Primary School - £110,000 for rewiring

* Ripley Junior School - £165,000 for heating improvements

* Speedwell Infant School, Staveley, Chesterfield - £165,000 for rewiring

* St Oswald’s CE Infant School, Ashbourne - £275,000 phase one of the recovering of a roof

* Stanton Vale Special School, Long Eaton - £192,500 for complete rewiring

* Tansley Primary School - £110,000 for rewiring

* The Meadows Community School, Old Whittington, Chesterfield - £165,000 for a boiler replacement

* The Meadows Primary School, Duffield - £110,000 for a boiler replacement

* The William Allitt School, Newhall, Swadlincote – £165,000 to convert from coal to gas heating and £275,000 for building repairs

* Unstone Junior School - £110,000 for heating improvements

* Woodthorpe CE Primary School - £110,000 for rewiring

Replacement of buildings at risk

* Firfield Primary School, Breaston - £875,000 to replace two Key Stage 1 classrooms with a permanent extension

* Curbar Primary School - £135,000 to replace a multi-purpose classroom/hall with a new modular building

* Earl Sterndale CE Primary School - £110,000 to replace a classroom with a new modular building

* Middleton Community Primary School - £210,000 to replace a foundation unit classroom with a new modular building

* Westfield Infant School, Chesterfield - £750,000 to replace a double classroom unit with a permanent extension

Single site scheme

* Darley Dale Primary School - £350,000 contribution to a housing development scheme to extend the Key Stage 2 building with three classrooms and toilets, vacating the Key Stage 1 site.

Basic need schemes

* Alfreton Park Special School - £150,000 for an additional temporary classroom and site works

* Clowne Infant School - £400,000 for an additional permanent classroom extension with a link

* Croft Infant School, Alfreton - £450,000 for an additional permanent classroom extension with a link

* Hilton Primary School - £100,000 for a double temporary classroom (a further £140,000 funding is available from a developer as part of a planning agreement)

* Tibshelf Community School - £330,000 for four temporary classrooms to accommodate pupils transferring from the North Wingfield site.

Primary capital programme

* Church Gresley Infant and Nursery School - £2.2 million to be added to previously approved funding and an expected £1.1 million coming from the future sale of the existing site to build a replacement school on the notified site next to Pennine Way Junior School.