Cars seized by Derbyshire police in the last week - and the criminal reasons why

Police have seized a number of cars in Derbyshire over the last week.

Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 2:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 2:32 pm
The below information has come from the Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit via Twitter.

Here are pictures and details of vehicles taken off the county's highways by Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit in the last seven days. The information comes from the unit's Twitter account - @DerbyshireRPU.

The tweet said: "Langley Mill. Policing the borders. This cheeky Golf entered from Nottinghamshire. The driver has no insurance or licence. Thinking about building a wall if this keeps happening. #Seized."
The tweet said: "Langley Mill. Megane driven by a musician, no MOT or insurance. Will be playing to the tune of about 500 in fines/costs shortly. Astra no insurance. Both #Seized."

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The tweet said: "Grassmoor. Vehicle historically linked to burglaries, fair game for a stop check. Driver not insured and MOT expired in September 2018. Not far to the nearest bus stop though. #CustomerService #Seized."
The tweet said: "Derby. Driver born in 2000. Insured to a relative born in 1967. Attempts to pass as someone 33 years older by falsely providing their details. The pictures explain how successful that was. #Seized."
The tweet said: "A38 Alfreton. No tax. No insurance. No MOT. No licence. They drive among us every day. #Seized #FullHouse."
The tweet read: "Derby. Driver has been using his BMW as a bumper car. Recently had a crash, failed to stop and exchange details. Driver and car from Romania, been here five years but hanging on to cheap Romanian insurance. Not valid. #Seized."
The tweet read: "Derby. Here's why we pay particular attention to tinted windows. They often hide something. Mercedes with heavy tints. No driving documents and wanted by Immigration. #TrafficCanRunToo #Seized."
The tweet read: "Derby. Vehicle stopped because it is indicated that it has no insurance. The driver blames his mother who is currently in France, she should have taken care of it. Not a licence either. #Seized."
The tweet read: "M1 J28. Driver has no insurance for the van. So to keep a low profile he jumps a red light in front of our marked police car. Cant help some people. #Seized #Traffic."
The tweet read: "Doe Lea. Check on this van shows no tax, MOT expired in 2017 and no insurance. Wouldn't have happened when it belonged to the fire service and shouldn't have happened now. #Seized #Traffic."