CARR VALE: Council seize noisy neighbour’s sound equipment

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NEWS: News.

RESIDENTS can sleep a little easier at night after a noisy neighbour had his sound and TV equipment seized for playing music too loud.

Ross Layden, of Charlesworth Street, Carr Vale, continually failed to heed warnings about playing his music too loud which was causing noise nuisance to his

neighbours, according to Bolsover District Council.

Residents complained to the council, alleging that they were being subjected to loud music being played at the property at all hours of the day and night.

After writing to the occupant with warnings about his conduct and several visits from Council officers witnessing the noise nuisance, a Noise

Abatement Notice was served on the 8th February 2013 together with a letter of explanation.

Mr Layden ignored these warnings and continued to play loud music causing a nuisance.

During March 2013, the Council and Police visited the premises with a warrant obtained from North East Derbyshire & Dales Magistrates’ Court in Chesterfield and seized the sound equipment including TVs, music centres and loudspeakers.

Bolsover District Council Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Dennis Kelly said: “This type of behaviour is completely selfish. Mr Layden had no regard for his neighbours and continued to do what he wanted to.

“We tried to speak to him, but after numerous requests and in the interests of the local community we felt we had no alternative but to seize the equipment and put a stop to this unsociable behaviour.”

Bolsover District Council is now considering options available to prosecute or offer a formal caution and the Council also may apply for a forfeiture order

to dispose of the sound equipment.

Councillor Kelly added: “We do not want to stop people playing music, but not everyone wants to listen to it. So all we are asking is that people apply some common sense and a bit of common courtesy when they are playing music so it does not disturb neighbours or the whole street like it has on this occasion. Our message is quite simple and clear – turn it down or you will face enforcement action.”

If you are experiencing noise problems within Bolsover District please report them to the council on (01246) 242424 or visit for details.