Car parking woes for Dronfield station campaigners

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Station campaigners are to hold emergency talks with Network Rail after a planning decision they predict will spell ‘traffic chaos’.

North East Derbyshire District Council last week voted to approve planning permission for a storage facility on Network Rail-owned land next to Dronfield Station car park.

But Friends of Dronfield Station (FODS) say the land should be used for car parking to address a town shortage.

Peter Hayward, chair of FODS said: “Since regular train services were reintroduced in 2008 the car park has been full up by 8.30am every weekday morning, largely due to the increasing popularity of rail travel to commuters.

“We are confident that even more people would use the station if there was more car parking available.”

The space, on Chesterfield Road, will now be used as a storage facility for horticultural supplies, with planning granted until 2017.

A council spokesperson, said: “Each planning application is judged on its own merits. The land is owned by Network Rail and the permission comes with conditions attached, including it is for a three year period only after which the land should be restored to its original condition and all storage containers removed.”