CALOW: Whole school in perfect harmony

These children at Calow Church of England Primary were in perfect harmony when our photographer Marisa Cashill paid them a visit.

This wonderful picture shows the whole school - which has 217 children in eight classes as well as a 26 place nursery, and all the staff.

NDET 11-1-13 MC 1'Calow Primary School for Primary Focus

NDET 11-1-13 MC 1'Calow Primary School for Primary Focus

And not only that, they gave a rousing rendition of the song Lord, The Light of Your Love - which you can see and hear by visiting the Derbyshire Times website or by scanning the QR code in this newspaper.

Headteacher Martin Thacker MBE, said: “Calow Primary is a place where all children are given exciting opportunities to learn and develop.

“This is due to the hard working members of our team and their professionalism.

“It is also because of the close partnership we have with parents,” he said.

The school was inspectioned by Ofsted in March last year and was rated as a ‘good’ school.

It was also inspected as a church school and was rated by inspectors as ‘outstanding’.

“The school’s motto is ‘Aiming Higher Together’, which reflects Calow Primary’s desire to achieve quality and depth in children’s learning and courages them to development as independent, responsible young people,“ Mr Thacker added.

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Editor James Mitchinson said: “Here at the Derbyshire Times we can’t wait to show more of the county’s schools.”

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