Call for public meeting on fire station changes

Whaley Bridge Fire Station
Whaley Bridge Fire Station

Calls for a public meeting over controversial fire station closures have been made.

Members of Whaley Bridge Town Council are to write to Cllr Caitlin Bisknell, leader of High Peak Borough Council, offering their support if the authority were to call for a public meeting with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service over the changes.

Plans currently being consulted on by the fire service would see the number of fire stations across Derbyshire reducing from 31 to 20 (see page ten for more details).

Speaking at the town council’s monthly meeting last week, Cllr Ron Bowden said: “They are looking at moving the station in Buxton. Millions have just been spent on it, it’s not been open five minutes and now they are proposing to close it and move it to the other side of Buxton, it is absolutely ludicrous.”

Cllr Rodney Gilmore added: “I can’t see any problems with changes to improve the service but it’s got to be improvements and not using public money to diminish the service.”

And Cllr John Pritchard said: “I’d like to propose we write to the leader of the borough council Caitlin Bisknell saying that we will support her if she will write to the Derbyshire Fire Authority calling a public meeting for them to explain their proposals and take questions from the public.”