Workers face uncertain future as Franke Sissons plans to move Chesterfield base to Europe

Franke Sissons, Chesterfield.
Franke Sissons, Chesterfield.

Jobs could be at risk after a major Chesterfield business announced plans to move its manufacturing base from the town.

Franke Sissons, part of the Franke Group, which is one of Chesterfield’s largest manufacturers, has revealed to the Derbyshire Times it is proposing to move the base to other company locations in the UK and Europe.

In a statement, managing director Andy Dukelow said: “The Franke Group has announced that it is proposing to transfer its operational activity from the current manufacturing base in Chesterfield to Franke locations in the UK and Europe.

“Under this proposal the group would retain a trading company based in Chesterfield.

“This proposal is part of a major review of Franke’s utilisation of production plants across Europe and is an integral step to reduce over capacity.

“Employees have been informed of this proposal and the company has started a consultation process with the trade union representatives and their employees.

“We have no further comment to make at this time.”

Franke Sissons, a Chesterfield Champion, has a long history in the region. The company, which now employs more than 140 people, 80 located at its state-of-the-art factory on Carrwood Road in Chesterfield, started in 1784 in Sheffield as Silversmiths.

It produces and distributes washroom and catering products.