Top tips to ensure New Year isn’t a wash-out

WATER bosses are urging businesses to avoid the misery of mopping up a wet and washed-out new year.

Every year many small businesses shut up shop as festive temperatures plunge, only to find themselves returning to work with a flood of water rather than a flood of customers.

Water company United Utilities said frozen and burst pipes caused misery to many people, and the vast majority of problems were due to customers’ own internal pipework.

“We’re urging all our customers to get winter wise, because if their own pipes are at fault we can only give them advice,” explained Rose Francis, the company’s campaign manager.

“Shops and other properties left empty over holidays or even short periods of very cold weather can fall victim to burst pipes if the cold weather turns the water inside them to ice. But you can protect yourself.”

United Utilities wants business owners to reduce the risk of coming back to work and facing the headache of ruined equipment and lost custom by insulating pipes and leaving the heating on a low setting.

Other top tips are: find and label your stop tap; get your pipes lagged; have a plan in case the worst happens, including the number of a good plumber.

“Keep an eye on the temperature over the festive break and check your premises on a regular basis. If your taps aren’t running, it could mean your pipes are frozen and that’s the first sign that you might have a burst. Switch your stop tap off and call a good plumber,” added Rose.