Self-catering serves up half million boost

The value of tourism to the Derbyshire economy has been highlighted by figures released by a property company.

Holiday Property Bond (HPB) say that a high quality self-catering development will contribute in the region of £500,000 during the coming 12 months, based on a newly conducted survey.

Carol Nelson, Site Manager, said: “The survey was carried out among visitors to HPB’s 15 UK sites, which showed that the average holiday spend was in the region of £143 per person, per week.

“Based on the projected take-up of accommodation at our site in 2013, we anticipate that HPB visitors to our region alone will spend some £465,000.

“Given that the country has endured four years of economic difficulty, this is good news for local businesses.”

The spending power is based on non-accommodation items, ranging from visiting tourist attractions and buying souvenirs to frequenting restaurants and general stores.

Holiday Property Bond is the largest co-ownership product of its kind in Britain, operating in 13 countries with a portfolio of 1,371 top quality villas, cottages and apartments, including 564 properties in the UK.

The new development is at at Blore Hall, near Ashbourne.

HPB offers investors the benefits of holiday property ownership without the hassle and cost of maintenance.

It is not a holiday rental, timeshare or villa sales scheme.