Rays of hope for new firm

sp89771  Steve & Mark Barnes from Aego renewables
sp89771 Steve & Mark Barnes from Aego renewables

TWO YOUNG brothers have got a bright future ahead of them after they launched a new business in Chesterfield supplying and installing solar panels.

Mark (18) and Stephen Barnes (22), of Aego Renewables, at Temple Normanton, set up in business at the turn of the year to provide environmentally friendly and economical power sources for domestic and commercial properties.

Sales director Mark said: “It became apparent solar panels were becoming the up-and-coming thing and with favourable tax arrangements and Government support we’re convinced they will take off and we’re encouraging people to become more green-minded.”

Aego explained those who use solar powered panels as energy sources for their homes or businesses can look forward to a good return on their investment in energy savings while reducing carbon outputs.

They are viewed favourably by local authorities considering planning applications and the Government has introduced feed-in-tariffs to pay users for their energy saving efforts as any surplus power from solar panels is also channelled into the national grid.

Mark added: “It’s been a steep learning curve but we’re MCS accredited engineers and we’ve got everything we need to make a success of this business.”

Aego can assess properties to decide the best types of energy solutions and technologies and offers free site surveys. It is forging contracts with commercial and industrial businesses and hopes to develop a workforce. Those interested can call Aego on 07791 727 316.