Nick Hewer prepares for night of the year at City Region Business Awards

The Apprentice co-star Nick Hewer is speaker at the City Region Business Awards
The Apprentice co-star Nick Hewer is speaker at the City Region Business Awards

The judging is done - now it’s time to dust off the dinner suit and ballgown for the business event of the year.

The City Region Business Awards feature The Apprentice co-star Nick Hewer, BBC presenter Clare Frisby and a unique opportunity to network with leading companies from across this huge area.

And that’s on top of a posh dinner - and the ultimate awards contest.

The gala event on Thursday July 3 at Ponds Forge International Sport Centre takes the winners from the area’s six biggest business contests and pits them against each other to find the ‘first among winners’.

Before the inaugural event last year, no one could ever claim to be the best in the region. Now it is the one they all want.

But although it offers the most coveted prize in business, there are many other reasons to attend.

The awards celebrate the importance of apprentices in the region’s fast growing economy and who better to do that than Nick Hewer?

Lord Sugar’s righthand man is an essential part of the hit televison show thanks to his facial expressions and incisive assessments, drawn from a lifetime running his own PR business.

He will be joined by possibly the best host in the business, Clare Frisby. As well as fronting BBC Lork North, she is much in demand for her presenting skills on stage.

Networking opportunities start at 6.45pm until guests are invited to tables at 7.20pm and then again after the ceremony is over at 11pm until 12.30am.

As with last year, the aftershow party is sponsored by Mercury Taxis and Napoleons Casino on Ecclesall Road. Guests can take a free ride to the venue and enjoy free entry, food and £5 bet.

Another hit feature returning this year will be a big screen featuring a live feed of tweets with the hashtag #CityRegionAwards.

It proved a hugely popular way to send congratulations to winners - while namechecking your company to a room full of movers and shakers.

For ticket information call Haroldine Lockwood on 07803 505658 or email