Chesterfield needs more Champions

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Listening to a number of conversations, reading various postings on websites and in the press, I sense some cynicism regarding the Champions of Destination Chesterfield. I sense one or two people feel some of the Champions are not being totally altruistic in their contribution to the scheme.

I refute these claims, absolutely. I believe we have sorted the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

What we have is a group of people who are completely committed to the improvement of Chesterfield as a great place to live, work, play and run a business.

When I introduced United Cast Bar, there was a clear understanding that we had no sales to be gained from the room.

Through the Destination Chesterfield vehicle, United Cast Bar has been able to engage more with the local community.

One of our aims is to enhance the perception of manufacturing and the key role it has to play within the economy.

We have begun to work with Parkside School and are introducing the young students to industry, to help them understand that manufacturing is not a dirty sector with no future.

United Cast Bar offers the broadest range of products of any of our Global peers; we make the record breaking sizes in our process, in our material - all in our Chesterfield facility, possible because of the skills and dedication of the team working here.

United Cast Bar is in a tough, global market place - we need sustainability.

We recognise that our business is reliant on the local community and economy for support and the vital resources it can offer to ensure the long term security of our business.

Building on this, in my opinion, is certainly made more possible through vehicles such as Destination Chesterfield, where groups of like-minded people can work towards this goal.

by James Brand, Managing Director of United Cast Bar Ltd

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