Bid to back budding local entrepreneurs

JANINNOVCONF and throughout innovation suppl Business Link logo
JANINNOVCONF and throughout innovation suppl Business Link logo

Business advisers are urging workers being made redundant or facing increased competition for jobs, to see if they can be their own boss through a series of free workshops aimed at releasing their entrepreneurial spirit and turning their business dream into a reality.

The free courses are being offered by Business Link, which provides the information, advice and support needed to start, maintain and grow a business.

Whether you are a woman, someone aged 50 plus, disabled, a member of a minority ethnic community, young, a graduate or someone living on a low income, help is available to support those with the ambition to be their own boss and get access to the support they need to turn their idea into a business reality.

The workshops for those people looking to start their own business are being run by Business Link as part of its on-going commitment to support potential entrepreneurs by providing access to critical business skills development.

Stephen Smith, chief executive of EMB Ltd, the leading enterprise and economic development organisation responsible for delivering local access to the Business Link service, said: “With the recession leading to the rise of the ‘necessity entrepreneur’ we have seen more and more people starting their own business because they have had to get themselves out of the downturn.

Business Link is a local service available to help anyone with an entrepreneurial streak.”

The popular workshops, held locally throughout the East Midlands area cover the core elements required to increase the chances of successfully starting your own business.

Topics include getting the basics right, managaing money, running a succesful business and finding and keeping customers.

Stephen Smith continued: “We provide support and advice to those people considering starting their own business and help them access all the opportunities involved with starting a business during an economic downturn.

“We want to show that starting a business shouldn’t be seen as a daunting task – but an exciting and rewarding decision.”

All Start-up workshops are free to attend and take place from 9.30am–4.30pm. Contact Business Link on 0845 058 6644 for more information on locations, availability and additional support to help turn your business dream into a business reality.