Bus prices hike in Chesterfield in New Year

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Bus passengers in Chesterfield will have to pay more for their journeys in the New Year as fares increase.

Bus operator Stagecoach has announced a number of ticket price changes, which will come into force from Monday, January 2.

The majority of tickets have gone up in price from between ten pence and £1.

Changes will also be made to the cost of single and return tickets and longer term tickets.

A spokeswoman for Stagecoach said: “Stagecoach has three times been independently assessed as offering the lowest fares of any major bus operator in the UK. However, as with our sectors of the economy and local government, we face a challenging economic environment from rising costs and cuts to public sector spending on buses. In addition, increasing road congestion and more use of cars has an impact on the cost and scope of all public transport.

“As always, we do our best to protect our customers by keeping prices as low as possible. Even with these changes, bus travel remains significantly cheaper than commuting by car.

“Single, return and weekly fares in Chesterfield have not changed for almost two years and we have recently introduced a new Chesterfield child day ticket which has since been expanded due to its popularity.”

The spokeswoman added: “We continue to reinvest the money from fares in improving our services, such as investing £700,000 in seven new high spec buses on the 54 route, smart ticketing, our new website and smartphone app which allow customers to track their bus, mobile ticketing and plans to deliver contactless payments during 2017.”

Changes to prices in Chesterfield in 2017:

Child dayrider plus ticket - £2.60 (was £2.50)

Evening dayrider plus ticket - £2.50 (was £2.30)

Chesterfield megarider plus - £13.50 (was £12.50)

Singles and returns will also change (not yet announced)

Some megarider 28 day and Xtra tickets will also change (not yet announced)

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