Burning rubber in my trusty old Skoda

Jack Grasby
Jack Grasby

As a young, newly- qualified driver, many people may make the assumption that I like to drive around Chesterfield in a badly painted Volkswagon Golf.

Said stereotypical ‘Vee Dub’ would have a set of red hot racing stripes and a big bore exhaust.

Said cliche driver would knock about with one hand at the wheel and the other on the window – developing a one arm ‘TOWIE’ tan.

Well yeah, too right I do!

I know it is hard to believe, but I am only joking with you, of course.

I actually own a vintage classic. I say vintage classic, what I mean is I own a 12-year-old Skoda Fabia with a faulty alarm and broken key.

As I tootle around Chesterfield in the Fabia, minding my own business – and that of others, naturally – something that often bemuses me is the actions of others on the road.

One example of this bemusement was a few weeks ago on the Hornsbridge roundabout.

My pregnant partner and myself were burning some rubber (15mph) in our Skoda when we were hit by a vehicle attempting to cross three lanes at the very last minute.

The car’s driver clearly had no idea what he was doing and made the respectable decision to not stop, leaving us with nothing but the heart-warming image of three emotionless faces as they drove away.

The best part is, a misread number plate and lack of CCTV left the police unable to identify the vehicle.


Every time I drive through Hasland the smashed up wall next to the Groom barbers acts as a reminder of the consequences ‘bad driving’ can have on people and property.

As well as this, I have the regular reminders of careless and inconsiderate motorists from the decorative scratches on my car, which I will have to pay to repair.

This is just one example of a good driver paying for the actions of those bad ones, who either got the soft test examiner or clearly need re-examining.

Has anyone else experienced this in Chesterfield?

by Jack Grasby

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