Burglar ordered to pay £800 compensation


A CHESTERFIELD company had to change all its locks after a man broke into its offices and stole a set of keys.

Joseph Hodkin smashed a window with a stone to gain entry to Chesterfelt Ltd on Foxwood industrial estate and he searched desk drawers and damaged door handles to enter rooms, town magistrates heard on August 31.

David Horne, prosecuting, said: “He took a set of keys which he later discarded. It meant all locks had to be changed and repairs carried out, costing a total of £800.

“He left fingerprints and blood at the point of entry.”

Mr Horne added: “He said he was homeless and penniless at the time and it was desperation that drove him to break in.”

Hodkin, 23, of Whitecotes Lane, Walton, admitted the April 25 burglary. He had a previous conviction for making off without payment.

The justices imposed a nine-month probation supervision order including alcohol treatment and ordered him to pay £800 compensation with £85 costs.

Denney Lau, defending Hodkin, said: “He had been kicked out of his mother’s home and he had nowhere to go and no money at all. He broke in looking for money and he left with just a bunch of keys.

“Things have changed dramatically since the offence. He has now gone back to his mum’s.”