Bundles of joy delivered sweet surprise on Christmas Day

Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Derbyshire parents had a very special delivery from Santa Klaus as their little Christmas miracle arrived on Friday.

Mum of three Tina Anderson, 38, and her partner Giles Norton, 39 said they were blessed when they're new baby girl was born on Christmas Day.

One of the earliest births in the country, their new bundle of joy come in at 7lb 5oz when she arrived at 4.25am.

And Tina was in labour for around 12 hours, having been rushed to Chesterfield Royal Hospital at around 4pm on Christmas Eve.

The bee-keeper, originally from Sheffield and now living in Bakewell said: "We were expecting her a bit later - but I said when we got pregnant - you watch me give birth on Christmas Day!

"It's so special, of all the days - people count it as a blessing, and it'll be so nice for her growing up."

And the couple were still able to make it to Christmas lunch after the drama unfolded and she left hospital in the afternoon.

"It was fine, we left the hospital and I was obviously feeling a bit worse for wear, but we went to my mum in law's for dinner, my mum and dad were there as well, it was a big family affair."

Bee-obsessed Tina runs the Medibee health shop in Bakewell, and has already got bee-related names for her two older daughters, Phoebee-May and Unity-Bee.

"But we're struggling with names, because she came at Christmas we're thinking of calling her Angel-Bee, and she is quite angelic looking, so it's fitting.

Another pair of lucky parents, Antonia Andrew and Daniel Kelly also said they were tickled pink with their special birth late on Christmas Day.

Their newborn baby Zach arrived at around 10.30pm on Friday, and new mum Antonia, 33, said it was a last minute surprise after the couple noticed they were getting further and further away from their due date.

The accountant from Calow added: "He was due on the 12th, so it was so lovely that he came last minute on Christmas day, it's quite late, the 11th hour.

"And he was our first present of the day, because we were in the hospital on Christmas Eve.

"He's doing really well, he's very alert and very bright... and very loud!"